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UPVC and Aluminium Windows

A more durable, cost effective alternative to standard timber windows, our UPVC and Aluminium options can drastically improve the aesthetic appeal, as well as greatly improve the energy efficiency of any property.

The Benefits

  Laminated or Toughened safety glass as standard

  Multi-Point locking ironmongery

  Will not rot and is more resistant to corrosion

  Non-conductive material meaning less heat is lost

  Can reduce noise pollution by upto 70%

  Purpose made to match existing styles

  Full range of colours to suit any interior

UPVC - 'A-Rated' in Energy Efficiency

Windows are among the main causes of heat loss in any property, which often results in increased energy consumption to compensate this.

Just imagine how much draughty, old windows could be bumpimg up your monthly energy bills!

UPVC is a non-conductive material, meaning your windows will not transfer heat in the winter, as well as retaining the cool air in summer. This is key in helping to maintain a more consistent internal temperature for your home.

If you are battling with draughty windows or high energy bills, why not upgrade to our double glazed UPVC or Aluminium options, whilst maintaining the appearance of your property?


Casement Windows


Sliding Sash Windows


French Windows


Bay Windows


Tilt + Turn Windows

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