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Repairs and Maintenance

Our team of qualified tradesmen consist of glaziers, fitters and general handy-men. We are fully trained and equipped to tacke any window or door issues you may encounter.

Maintenance Services We Offer

  Glazing and glass replacements

  Safety glass upgrading

  Safety/Obscuring film application

  UPVC and Aluminium window and door repairs

  Window and door draught exclusion

  On-site hole cutting* for fan or cat flap installations

*On-site hole cutting is only available on single glazed, non-safety glass and is cut at your own risk.

Window & Door Repairs

Our experts are extensively trained and experienced in the following areas:


  • Locking mechanisms

  • Spiral balance springs

  • Friction hinges

  • Safety restrictors

  • Locks and Handles

  • Rubber gasket seals


  • Multi-Point Locks

  • Hinges

  • Handle sets

  • Locks and Furniture

  • Draught excluders

  • Security locks and bolts


All products are also available on a supply only basis from our hardware dept.

Contractual Repairs

We can also offer all of our services on a contractual basis, ensuring a more reliable and efficient experience.


Benefits of having a credit account with us include:

  • Pre-agreed variation limits

  • Working on an agreed schedule of rates (S.O.R)

  • Weekly invoicing

  • 30 Day payment terms


If you're interested in opening a contract with us, then please download an application form below:

Account Application Form

Terms & Conditions

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